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11 Tips for Talking to Children with Autism

Using colours. Drawing pictures. Writing things down. Using descriptive words. Keeping things clear and simple. Give enough time. Be patient. These tips definitely have a great effect in the event of treating children with Autism. Children with Autism may appear a bit strange and perplexing at first, but once you try to understand him or her, things will not only be easier, but will also be quite fun and interesting. You as a caregiver of a child with Autism, should just need to keep certain things in mind while working with them.

Are you facing difficulties while talking to or working with a child with Autism? To make things easier for you, we have come forward with a few important tips as recommended by professionals at recognised clinics for therapy for Autism in Kolkata, which you need to keep in mind while dealing with these children with special needs. Let’s have a glance at them –

  • Understand the child’s needs – Even if he or she avoids making a proper eye contact while having a conversation with you, do not worry. Never force them to make eye contact when they are not willing to. They usually think, listen and speak better while looking away from the subject they are thinking about. It is because eye contact generally makes a child with Autism nervous. If you find it awkward to have a conversation without making eye contact, then engage yourself in some work. In this way you will be able to talk while having your eyes focussed on something else, and you won’t feel awkward.


  • Avoid touching them unexpectedly – Some children having Autism are highly sensitive to touch – even a friendly tap on the back might make them feel nervous and startling or even be painful and alarming for them. According to experts in the field of Special Education dealing with therapy for Autism in Kolkata, you must feel free to ask the child what he or she likes or dislikes. Keep his or her interests in mind while having a conversation with him or her.


  • Find a calm and peaceful area to have a conversation in – Noisy situations is a major cause of distraction in children with Autism.


  • Keep things simple, clear and precise – Always speak in a clear tone, in simple and short sentences and by maintaining a medium volume. It will be easier for the child to understand things.


  • If you aren’t sure what does the child need, ask – This is a very important tip as suggested by professionals having expertise in therapy for Autism in Kolkata. It’s always better to talk and discuss than assuming things and making way for misunderstanding to ruin your healthy and productive conversation with the child with special needs.


  • Try to be understanding – The child you are talking to must feel comfortable while speaking to you. Make him/her feel that you are his/her friend whom he or she can share almost everything. Accept his or her differences and never be rude to the child.


  • Don’t wait for the child to start a conversation – A child with Autism is generally not likely to open up at first, without the necessary instigation. Always start with a topic that is interesting to the child.


  • Be aware that the child is often unable to read social cues – Always remember that a child with Autism may fail to decipher facial expressions, body language, gestures, hidden implications. So it is your duty as a special educator dealing with therapy for Autism in Kolkata, and as a caregiver of a child having Autism to be explicit and clear regarding this, and if required, set boundaries.


  • Be prepared to experience frequent breakdowns or meltdowns – This can happen when there are many pent up emotions bottled up for days together. Be prepared for that, and always stand by and support him or her.


  • Do bring out some time to read about Autism – Having the right information and knowledge always show good results. It will enable you to be prepared all the time, and not be dependant on others all the time for petty issues.


  • Be patient – This is the most important tip followed by professionals at recognised centres for therapy for Autism in Kolkata, which you MUST keep in mind while dealing with children with Autism. If you lose patience, so would the child, and the results would not be fruitful.


To sum up, always be systematic and practical when it comes to an event as serious as dealing with children with Autism. Of course, in the end, you must always make sure to make a timely consultation of a highly trained and experienced Special Educator at a recognised school or centre that deals with therapy for Autism in Kolkata.


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