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Use of reinforcement service in Autism

It is defined as a disorder which affects neural development in a person suffering from it. The common symptoms associated with this disorder are impairment in terms of social interaction, both verbal and non-verbal, and repetitive behavior. The disorder has a strong genetic basis. In rare occasions, the cause of autism is associated with factors that result in birth defects. There are some other
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Special Education

We have qualified, highly trained and experienced Special Educators to look after the academic performance of each child. Our Occupational Therapist Dr. Santosh Kumar has  done Ph.D on Sensory Integration for Autism from Calcutta University & experienced on Autism. Along with communication & education, behaviour modification is also important part in our services. We have trained and experienced Behaviour Modification Therapists on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
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Mission & Vision

Shruti is organised by a group of professionals who belong to the field of Audiology &  speech Language Pathology.We have been workingg with these children since 2003.Shruti ia a new platform for us where we are going to train those children with Multidisciplinary professionals. We have as our team of Occupational Therapist , Behaviour Modification Therapist, Special Educator,Speech & Language Pathologist,Psychologist,Music & Dance Therapistand
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The difference

  We do have most qualified and experienced professionals. MDT i.e Multi Disciplinary Team under one roof Pre and Post therapy comparison in every 3 months Once in a month Parent-Teacher meeting along with professionals Parental awareness,discussion and training program School hour surveillance for each session(which parents can see at home online) Goal basis assurance of improvement in every 3 months. We train children
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