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Parent’s Guide to find Autism Care Unit in Kolkata

autism care unit in Kolkata

Today there is a growing popularity of  Autism care unit in Kolkata. Autism is a common expression used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD).So it is very essential that we should know more about these treatments and therapies.
The supplementary pervasive developmental disorders are PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified), Asperger condition, Rett pattern and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Many parents and experts pass on to this group as Autism Spectrum Disorders.

People through autism have indicators or complexity in three areas:

  1.  Social interaction
  2.  Language as used for social communication
  3.  Repetitive interests or behaviors

 Shruti being one of the most famous autism care unit in Kolkata gives you guidelines to deal all children with autism have troubles in three major areas, look and harshness of indication is dissimilar in every child. No two children with autism are exactly alike.


  • Less eye contact, use of gestures or facial expression Difficulty understanding the emotions and feelings of
  • Others Difficulty playing with same age children
  • Problems making and keeping friends
  • A lesser amount of sharing of interests with others


  • Lack of speech
  • Slow to learn speech
  • Unusual speech (show things again & again, dialogue noise strange)
  • Difficulty making conversation
  • Less imitation and pretend play


  • Repeating activities or movements (rocks, spins, flaps hands, flicks fingers)
  • Uncommon, strong, limited interests (often talks about the same topic or plays with same item, knows a great amount of information on topic)
  • Plays with parts of toy rather than the toy as a whole (i.e. spins wheels of toy car)

Best school for Autism

The idea of each kit is to help train family members and friends in additional about autism and its belongings on families, and provide resources and support to make possible them to lead joyful and successful lives with their loved ones by autism.

Suggestion of unique requirements from autism care unit in Kolkata:

  • People don’t need to feel uncomfortable when they’re around. Yeah, they may require taking care of him a little in a different way, but wish they wouldn’t be weird out.
  • Not all autism is the equal.
  • These kids love. They need love. They are amazing and carry huge happiness and laughter to individuals who love them.
  • Knowing one child with autism doesn’t mean anything really – they’re all so different. from the other kid you know on the spectrum.
  • Kids with special needs are smart. Brilliant. Imaginative, and Selfless. It may not be obvious all the time – their minds work in a different way.
  • If daughter/son is making strange noises, feel free to look. He/She just makes them because he/she excited. Please don’t stand there and stare at us with your mouth hanging open.
  • If any children head nuzzling, chewing on the corner of his/her shirt or spinning do not scold them. He/She can’t help how his/her body receives incentive. He is trying to cope with the way his body is affected by his surroundings.
  • From spectator who thinks parents not addressing their child’s odd behaviors: Don’t judge. Try to understand that his environment strongly affects him.
  • Please accept our kids the way that you assume we will accept yours.

So in order to help your autistic child deal with anxiety, the best way is to get them enrolled to a good autism care unit in Kolkata .


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