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Mainstream School or Special School?

Are you a worried parent of a child with special needs, and are having a hard time deciding which school to send your child to? We know that it is quite difficult for you to arrive at a proper conclusion in such a situation. At the same time, it is really a vital decision to make while keeping in mind the future of your
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Tips for searching the best School for Autism Care in Kolkata

Every parent will agree with us that searching and deciding a school for their child is a very big decision. We have seen that parents get highly confused and crazy with the idea of letting their child stay without them for so long. Well this confusion gets even multiplied if you are parent of a special child. An autistic child needs a lot more
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What causes autistic disorder in twin siblings?

It has been noticed that symptoms of autism among twins has been increasing day by day. So is it true that chances of autistic disorder is more common among twin? Who are more likely to develop autism among identical twins and fraternal twins. We tried to research on this topic and get some fact and figures on this topic. Well there has been many
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How to Understand Dyslexia To Help Your Child?

Dyslexia is also known as developmental reading disorder and is characterized by problems in spelling, writing and pronouncing words. People with dyslexia can be of average and above average intelligence. Some famous personalities with dyslexia are Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Pablo Picasso, Agatha Christie,etc. It is a lifelong problem and can manifest in different ways at different stages of life. As
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Caring for Children with Autism

Early intervention is the best way forward in autism. When a child is diagnosed on the spectrum, you know that you need to take care of them in a different manner, and understand their special needs. Here are a few things to remember: Every autistic child is different. As you grow with the child you learn too. Aakash, 3, may throw a crying fit during
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