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Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder for Toddlers

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are very divergent from each other. One child might have only a little characteristics, where as another might have so many. In very young children, it can be tough to find out the early signs.

Children all grow at various rates. Development is monitored by observing whether children are getting various essential milestones, which can be emotional , physical, social, behavioral or linguistic.

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Initially, monitoring a child’s social communication development is vital for spotting early symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Watching for behavior such as eye contact, smiling and the usage of gestures can guide you gauge your child’s development.

Few early symptoms of autism usually seen in the first two years are mentioned below. Some children have many of these early warning signs. Some behavior signs also become clearer or can change over time as the child gets older. Also, any kind of loss of social or language skills during this period can be a cause for concern.The number of symptoms in each category depends as per to the age of the child and how severely the child is affected.

Abnormalities in starting interaction with others: Without looking around for assistance, the child may struggle alone rather than asking for help with something.

Impaired potential to begin and respond to opportunities to share experiences with others: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may not observe their parents gaze or establish contact with others.

Irregularities happen when playing with toys: The child can do something unusual with the toy. For example- Instead of using a toy as it is meant to be used, like picking up a toy, fork and pretending to eat with that.

Significantly reduced variety of words, sounds, and gestures used to communicate: Compared with normally growing children, children with autism have a much smaller inventory of words, sounds and postures that they use to interact with others.

Researchers suggest that parents should consult best autism treatment specialist if any of these developmental factors early on with their pediatrician because early treatment can reduce significantly the impairment caused by autism.


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