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How Applied Behavioural Analysis can help your special child?

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We truly understand how challenging it is to help your special child to develop their overall behaviour. Through this Applied Behavioural Analysis, we can support our autistic learners to make significant changes in various aspects of their life. These changes anyway do not occur very suddenly or quickly. A child has to follow the ongoing, intensive instruction which will build a step-by-step development progress. The progress rate shall differ from person to person based on their age, functioning, their adaptable expertise, family and many other factors. The example of primary skill area which usually develops is reading, whereas more attention and practice is essential to adapt and improve skill area like interactive capacity.

An effective process of applied behavioral analysis for autism does not have a stereotype method which will suit all. It should never be visualized as an approach with specific formula. Rather, it is the process where the therapist depends on customization of treatment approach based on the ability of the learner.

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How to help the child through the methodology of Applied Behavioural Analysis :-

  • Participation of parents and family members is very necessary, as they have to support and help the child to practice the methods that are taught during the therapy.
  • The learner child is provided with a day plan, which will be helpful to build a habit for the child.
  • It is very necessary to encourage a child on picking up the teachings of the particular program or developing the appropriate mannerism.
  • Special emphasis has to be laid upon proper social interactions and fun learning.
    The instructor has to use a wide range of behavior analytic methods.
  • The instruction process is not only limited to the trainer but also depends on the development and participation of the child.
  • The child should not be encouraged for the behaviors which act as a prevention to the learning process.
  • A professional behavior analyst has to designs the learning module depending upon various factors, like the child’s present skills and behaviour, family’s involvement in the child’s development.
  • The instruction basically targets a wide range of behavioural aspects like communication, individual care,motor development, social behaviour, interest in various games, academic skills etc.
  • This therapy targets to enable the autistic child in becoming independent in short/long term process.
  • The instruction has to be provided by breaking the down desired skills into manageable modules and starting with simplified goals and later on developing into complex things.
  • The behavior analyst has to regularly keep a track of the child’s progress and make necessary change in the treatment process, based on the child’s development.
  • The therapist has to constantly keep in touch with the family members and his associate program staff members and chalk out a step by step methodology for the child’s development.



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