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How School for Autistic Child Can Your Child

School for Autistic Child in Kolkata

Autism not only effects the child suffering from it, but also creates a deep impact in the life of each and every family member. Autism actually changes the whole family environment. The whole family of an Autistic Child has to go through a lot of pain agony and suffering along with the kid. Imagine how the life could have been, if you could not express your thoughts properly? A feeling of inferiority, the conflict within your mind for reception and reciprocation encircles that person suffer from autism. Well honestly no one can ever realize this pain and agony till the time someone close to goes through it. It is even more heart breaking if someone close to you is going through autistic disorder.

The next question that may arise is, what can be done to help our special and precious child? How can we help our kid to deal with autistic inefficiency? The basic answer is love and care. Yes we are a strong believer that with love and care, we can deal with any problem. But we should not get confined to just love. It is true when it comes to deal with this issue of autism as a parent you are not aware of everything that can help your child’s development. There are many aspects of your special child’s upbringing which needs specific care and attention. A little modification and alteration in their lifestyle can be really helpful.

School For Autistic Child in Kolkata

As a parent it is obvious that it is very difficult for you to trust anyone for looking after your child. But there is a big difference between how an expert and trained person can take care of your autistic child and you doing that by yourself. There are many therapy which has proved to be effective on these special children. The question is does these therapies come with 100% guarantee to cure your child ? The answer is – no it is not possible. But yes there will be significant improvement and development in your child.

These therapies like Behavioural Modification Therapy, Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Art, Dance and Music Therapy can actually improve your child’s reception and reciprocation process. It also makes them happy. We know the greatest achievement for you, is a smile on your child’s face. Earlier there were not much school for autistic child in Kolkata, but now schools like Shruti has really made it possible to hope for betterment of your autistic child.

Our trained instructors take individual care of every child. We make sure that atleast every child should become capable of dealing with day to day normal activities. It is outmost necessity that they should become self dependent. So our motto is to promote and help them pick up self dependency. Its true that no one can love a child more then his/her mother, but we try our best to give your child the best exposure that we can. We feel fortunate that our autism school in Kolkata has been able to give many families a new ray of hope. Its trust and hope of people like you that keeps us going. We shall always make sure to share your pain and give your child a better future.


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