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How to Teach Maths to an Autistic Child?

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder which affects the child’s brain – thus hampering his or her developmental skills, such as social, communication, behavioral and even speech and language skills. Although the characteristics vary from child to child, many face problems while solving math sums. So it is your duty as a responsible teacher or a parent to give proper guidance to your child who is struggling with maths!


Identify your Child’s Interests

Children with autism often find interest in particular objects or items, such as coins or stamps. So it will be quite effective if you teach maths concepts with the help of these items for which some children might have a fascination. This procedure is practiced by many certified Special Educators at clinics dealing with autism treatment in Kolkata.


Use Visual Cues

Make things interesting for the child by trying innovative ways of teaching math concepts by using colourful diagrams and charts. For example, teaching maths with the help of charts denoting multiplication tables using different colourful fruits or vegetables will be very ‘fruitful’. You can also write down math facts or calculations in different coloured papers. Because most children think in images rather than in language! This is also one of the best and effective method for autism treatment in Kolkata.


Break It Down into Simple Steps!

Don’t make things too hard for the child! Break every problem sum down into simple steps so as to make it easier for the child. It is always advised by specialists at centres for autism treatment in Kolkata, that no child should ever feel that he or she is being pressurised against anything.

Explain Concepts

Explaining the ‘why’ of things have always been productive in teaching! So why not apply that in maths? Teaching why a particular method is done – rather than just explaining how it is done – will not only make things easier for the child, but he or she will also start loving maths! If possible, draw diagrams and explain why a particular method is prefered over the other!

With that being said, being a responsible Math Teacher for Special Children at any recognised clinic for autism treatment in Kolkata – it depends upon you how well you will implement these tips and make maths interesting for children with Autism – rather than fearing it!


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