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Identifying Autism symptoms in children

Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is a serious neuro developmental problem in children. This disorder impairs the child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Identifying  Autism symptoms in children at an early age is critical for effective treatment. Cases of ASD in children have being rising steadily. It is not clear however whether the rise is on account of better detection, reporting or an actual increase in the number of these cases. Research reveals that intensive treatment at an early age in children can make a big difference. So as a parent if you notice a disorder of this type in your child you must be able to detect it early get it treated effectively. As a result of the disorder, it affects how a child perceives and socializes with others. The child faces problems in social interaction, communication and behavior. Through this blog we will try to make you aware of detecting the autism symptoms if your child is suffering from the same.

Some common Autism symptoms in children are as follows:

➥ If child fails to respond to his or her name or appears not to hear you at times.
➥ The child may have delayed speech or does not speak.
➥ If he or she lacks facial expression or has poor eye contact.
➥ If the child speaks with an abnormal tone or rhythm.
➥ Is unable to follow simple instructions or answer simple questions then it may be an indication the child may be suffering from Autism.
➥ He or she may be repeating the same words or phrases over and over again without actually understanding them.
➥ The child may behave inappropriately at social gatherings. He or she may be suddenly behave aggressively.

Apart from these there may be specific abnormal patterns in behavior as well.

➥ The child may perform repetitive movements. These may be rocking or spinning.
➥ Children with Autism may at times move constantly.
➥ He or she may be very resistant to any change which any one may ask to do.
➥ The child may also be over sensitive to light, sound and touch.
➥ He or she may be get over attached or focused on a particular activity or an object suddenly.

Generally as a result of ASD children tend to be slow in learning new things or acquiring certain skills. Though some may even with the problem may have normal to high level of intelligence. With maturity and treatment normally children suffering from Autism show fewer disturbances. Eventually some may even gain normal or close to normal lives if the problem is detected early and treated rightly.

It has been observed that babies with ASD show some signs of delayed development within the first year itself. If you suspect that there is some Autism symptoms with the baby you must consult your doctor immediately. The earlier you provide treatment to your child if he or she is suffering from the problem, the better the chances of recovery. Shruti is one of the best composite rehabilitation centers in Kolkata for Autistic children.


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