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Is my special brother Abhi an autistic Child?

This is one of the recent heart touching response that we got from a family member of one of our special child “Abhi” an autistic child in Kolkata. We are sharing the email that we received from them.

“Hi, I am Swati Chowdury, an MBA student from Kolkata. We have a close knit family, of four members. Its me, my Mom, my Dad and my cute twin Brother Abhi. I have always been grateful to God that I have such a cute and loving family. Me and my brother Abhi are twin siblings. My brother is best the brother in this world, as he is different and special. Unlike others, our relation is little different, we never fight with each other, never bullied each other, never did any mischief together. I share my secrets with him and I am sure he’ll never share our conversations with anyone. Because he is not capable of doing that. My brother is an autistic child.

Autistic Child School in Kolkata

As we were growing up, I never understood why my brother was so different. I was too young to understand what autism is all about? I wanted to play with him, make him my partner in crime. But he never showed any interest. I used to ask my parents why they never say anything to Abhi or send him to school with me, or punish him for not studying? I have grown up with him but never been able to share my experience of growing up with him. With age, I understood he was not like me or any of friends from school. But he was always special.

I have always seen my parents silently crying for him. My mother has only one question in her eyes. Why this happened to Abhi? There is no one in our family who has suffered from autism disorder. I have however searched and understood that many a times one of the twin may develop autistic problem. Now I feel that am I responsible for the problem he is facing? So I desperately started searching a solution for autistic care unit in Kolkata.

Now there are many so many awareness programs related to autism care in Kolkata. But when we were kids, there were hardly any school for autistic child in Kolkata. I recently came across website of Shruti and went through the details. I have enrolled my brother to your autistic learning centre.

It feels my heart with joy when I see he is actually picking up new things. My parents are also very happy by seeing development in his health and behavior. Wish I could get a good autistic school in Kolkata when my brother was a child.

To conclude I want to thank you from the core of my heart. So keep up the good work and help special kids like my brother. You have given new hopes to our family.


Swati Chowdhuri


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