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Life Expectancy for Autistic Child

Lifespan of Autism Spectrum Disorder

It is always seen that people have this belief that life expectancy for autistic child is not very positive. if you happen to ask anyone on how long an autistic child will survive? Then the answer will always be very less. But in reality the question does not have any direct relation with autism. The life of a child suffering from autism cannot be directly linked with autism as it is not considered to be a life threatening disease. Infact there is always an ongoing debate on whether autism is a disease or disorder. So to simplify this question we tried to make a research on this topic and get some logical answer to this question.

Lets try to make an in-depth study of the logic behind the neurological and the physiological concept behind autism. The neurological aspects of an autistic brain does not show any impression on the life expectancy of an autistic child.

Its even noticed that there is no significant differentiation in physical attribute of a person suffering from autism apart from noticeable big eyes. It is very evident that eyes are interconnected with the brain of a person. A person suffering from autistic disorder, has been noticed to suffer from specific inability in operation of the brain functioning but there is not physical effects on any other part of the body.  It has been seen that there are momentous variations in the autistic brain which are negatively replicated as neurotypical among individuals. These segregation are quantifiable and evidently real even if they are not physically consequential.

Life Expectancy of Autistic Child

Researchers do not classify autistic spectrum disorder as a disease or any illness. Hence it cannot be directly connected to an individual’s health condition. Though autism is a disorder that stays with a person for lifetime. The concept of autism is still subject to investigation and research. So exact hypothesis cannot be inferred from this situation. Autism is certainly considered as a critical and complex autism which apparently does not cast any impression on life expectancy of the autistic person. However during the whole lifespan of an autistic person, the requirement of autism support is very evident and visible.

So to conclude we can say that , with keeping in mind that research on this matter is still ongoing. Lifespan of an autistic individual cannot be specified or predicted with the bare limited evidences that we have been able to gather till date. But the parents or family members of the autistic child should feel happy that with reference to the present evidences it can be inferred that it is mostly a myth that life expectancy of an autistic individual is not as similar to a normal person.


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