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Mainstream School or Special School?

Are you a worried parent of a child with special needs, and are having a hard time deciding which school to send your child to? We know that it is quite difficult for you to arrive at a proper conclusion in such a situation. At the same time, it is really a vital decision to make while keeping in mind the future of your child. The only thing to do at this stage is to keep calm and not to hurry with anything. Haste makes waste!

There are quite a lot of factors that you must be pondering over while in a dilemma of which school to send your child at. However, the decision making process becomes all the more difficult when you have the option to send your child with special needs to special education schools in Kolkata. There are many mainstream schools today that take the admission of children who need special care and support. These schools have well trained special educators who give full support to these children. The main idea is to bring these children to the mainstream and create awareness for their acceptance. While you are willing to send your child to mainstream schools, you might, however, fear whether it is benefitting your child or he/she is not taken proper care of so that he/she can achieve his/her goals.

While there are schools that have provisions for taking separate classes of children with special needs, there are also schools which do not take this issue into serious consideration. As a result of which the child’s developmental skills might start to deteriorate, and he/she might gradually isolate himself/herself from fellow mates. So you might ask, “How do I know?” The answer to this is to have a proper discussion with the experts and skilled professionals in this field. You must always keep in mind that every child’s needs are different – what can be the best for one child, may not have any effect on another. Therefore, it is always advised that you should consult a trained professional at any of the recognised special education schools in Kolkata.

An important thing that you must be aware of is the different forms of integration of children with special needs into schools, which are mainly –

  • Full integration – This educational system is found in a few schools in Kolkata, where the children with special needs are allowed to take admission in regular schools where classes take place in the traditional system, with children without special needs. This is to bring the special children to the mainstream.


  • Partial integration – In this system, some classes like physical education, etc. are organised with children without special needs, while some academic and special classes are organised separately. This system found in many special education schools in Kolkata is very efficient in making the children more self-confident.


  • Segregated integration – In this system, the special child are sent to both the schools in a definite set schedule. For example, say suppose while he/she is sent to the mainstream school for 3 days, he/she will be sent to a special school in the rest 2 days. In this way, the child learns how to tackle both the situations, which becomes extremely necessary for some children.

It should, however, be kept in mind that you should act only after properly learning the specific needs of the child. Your Special Education team at any well-known special education schools in Kolkata, will assess in which areas the child is having difficulties in. The team will then decide which would be the best option for your child – mainstream school, special school, or a mixture of both? Also you must not give away faith if one mainstream school demoralises you. Try with a different one – it might turn up to be effective.


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