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New Autism treatment brings much hope for Indians

Autism treatment | autistic children | autism care center | Kolkata

According to Autism Society of America (ASA), Autism is a complex developmental disability which typically appears in the first three years of life. In India Autism estimates show that around 1.7 to 2 million children in India suffer from Autistic disorders. Though the figure is quite alarming, the unfortunate fact is that the awareness about the disorder is very sparse in our country. Besides it has been seen that it is tough to diagnose the problem till 18 months of age. It is only after this age that parents may notice worrisome behaviour. About 80 to 90% of the brain is developed in the first three years. This is why if one suffering from the problem is, it is the best age to start the autism treatment. Unfortunately the longer you wait to start treatment, the more difficult it becomes for the child to overcome the problem.

New Autism treatment is here to help your child 

In case your child is suffering from Autism, you would indeed be happy to know that Scientists have successfully tested a new autism treatment program in India. Scientists have recently launched a parent led autism therapy program which has helped parents to interact with their children. This was observed after the completion of 12 weeks of the program. In this clinical study scientists from Manchester and Liverpool collaborated with their colleagues based in south Asia to develop the program. This has been successfully been tested in India and Pakistan. What would be more heartening for you to know is that this partnership will help to improve treat over five million children belonging to this region.

Autism treatment | autistic children | autism care center | Kolkata

Autism is one of the fastest growing health challenges in the world today, which has already affected over 70 million people. Thus it has caused a severe effect on the social development of children. Children of most developed countries receive specialist treatment to improve their interaction with their families. Unfortunately in lesser developed countries the same treatment is not available.

To develop the program as mentioned above the researchers adapted a method which is known as PACT. This resulted in the program known as PASS (Parent-mediated intervention for autism spectrum disorder in South Asia). 

To begin with the materials of the PASS program were given to the parents in their first language. The program was started by giving parents an idea about the causes and symptoms of Autism and the common misconceptions associated with the disorder. Following the end of the 12 weeks of the program, children were assessed based on the recognized methods used. It was found that with the intervention parents had learnt from the program. The interaction of parents with their autistic children seemed to have improved as a result of learning from the program. Thus it became more likely for the child to initiate communication with their parents as a result. 

Experts attached with the program claim that the techniques used in the program can help children of South Asia as well just as it did for UK. Besides they feel that owing to lack of the resources like trained staff, language and cultural differences and poor access to medical centers, perhaps this program is the best option available for treatment in these countries. 

So in case your child is suffering from Autism, there is much hope for treatment. Shruti is one of the leading Rehabilitation centers in Kolkata for Autistic children. For more details please visit our website.


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