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Occupational Therapy in Kolkata for treating Autism

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Are you aware of Occupational Therapy? It is a type of treatment which helps to treat Autistic disorders. A person with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often has difficulty in communicating and interacting with others. Children with ASD have very limited activities, interests and play skills. Occupational Therapy helps these children develop these types of skills at school and at home. Through this blog we will try to make you aware as to how this type of therapy helps in the treatment of ASD.

Who is an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational Therapists are the experts who study human growth and development and a person’s interaction with the environment through daily activities. They evaluate how an illness or injury affects a person’s social, emotional and physiological behaviour. They thereafter help people with ASD and other developmental disorders to develop skills and ways by means of which they can lead their independent lives. They work as a part of a team. This team includes the child’s parent, teacher and other professionals who is suffering from ASD.

In case your child is suffering from ASD, they would set specific goals for your child. These goals are quite elaborate in nature. These would include social interaction, behaviour, and classroom performance. These therapists mainly help in evaluation and therapy of the problem. 

Evaluation of ASD through Occupational therapy

The therapist would observe and evaluate whether your child is able to do certain activities and tasks are expected to do at their age. The examples of these activities could be playing a game or getting dressed. They may even video record to check how he or she interacts with the environment around. The observations noted may be in terms of the following

  • Play Skills of the child
  • How the child transits to new activities
  • Attention span of the child
  • The child’s behaviour or their aggression
  • Motor skills of the child. These may include balance, posture and handling of small objects
  • The child’s need for personal space.

How the Occupational Therapy helps in treatment of ASD?

Once the Therapist records the information in regard to the above parameters mentioned above he or she decides on the program for your child. Normally a combination of strategies is used to treat the child. These together would help your child to respond to his or her environment. The general strategies used are the following:

  • Working on simple puzzles to help the child’s coordination. Others may include stringing beads. 
  • Developmental activities , which may include combing hair and brushing teeth

With Occupational Therapy you can expect that your child’s quality of life would improve as a whole. However you need to be patient. You need to encourage your child all the time. As a parent you must work as a team and work closely with your child’s Occupational Therapist. With the therapy you may observe that your child is able to express his or her feelings in a better way. The child may also learn to focus on tasks in a better manner and also be able to play with the peers.

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