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Why Role of Parents Is Important for Their Autistic Special Children?

Autism Rehabitation Centre in kolkata - Shruti KolkataEvery parent wants to see their child in happy and healthy condition and news of suspected autism may come to parents as bolt from the blue. Parents often get confused and go into depression on hearing that it’s a lifelong condition and may come across conflicting advice and views from friends, relatives and even experts in that filed leaving them confused about their autistic child. Many often give up hope that something good can even come out of this situation.

The very first step is to try out whatever you can do on your own even before the official treatment starts. The key for success is the earliest possible intervention and hindering the progression of symptoms in your child. This can be done by learning internet based reading resources like research papers, journal articles, etc. from the internet which will give you a deeper understanding about the disorder.

The second most important thing would be to study your child on the light of your insight that you have gathered through the internet. What makes your child stressed? Or what makes them joyous? Small information needs to be shared with special educators in schools and help you in preventing problems with your child.

As it is already clear that your child can’t move in the same pace as a normal child would so stop comparing your child’s development with others and support him /her to grow at their own pace. The never give up attitude is very much required out of parents with autistic children.

You should start maintaining a strict schedule for meals, bed time, therapy, schools, etc and avoid disruptions to a minimum. Even if there is a disruption prepare your child beforehand. Don’t’ hesitate in praising and rewarding their positive development which may be in terms of behavior in a particular situation or acquiring a new skill. However, you should clearly convey to your child about what behavior or skill is being praised.

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You should try to learn the non verbal signals that your child makes in the form of sounds, facial expressions to express hunger, joy, stress, etc. this will help you to understand why your child is suddenly throwing tantrums. An autistic child also requires fun and play like any normal kid of their age. It has been seen that children with autism are either hyper/under sensitive to stimuli of light, sound, smells, etc. As a parent it is important to learn which of these stimuli elicits positive and negative behavior from your child.

You can join your local autism support group of create one. In today’s world you can create a group in the form of a Facebook, Myspace, Google+ account with no extra investment. There you can share your feelings and may get useful information from like-minded people.

Then you can approach an autism rehabilitation center in Kolkata or a look for the best school for special children in Kolkata. In a rehabilitation center you can not only get help for your child but also get help for yourself during family counseling sessions as it has been observed that several parents go into depression worrying about their child’s grim future and a stigma attached to the child due to lack of awareness, ignorance, misinformation about the disorder among people around you.


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