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Stem Cell treatment gives new hope to children suffering from Autism

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If you have a child who is suffering from Autism, then you would be happy to know that recent studies reveal that Stem Cell therapy is likely to help treatment of autism in a big way. It has been observed that 1 every 68 children suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the US. In India 1 in every 250 children suffer from the disorder. Experts in the field are of the opinion that a multidisciplinary approach is important in the treatment of the disorder. Early detection and intervention can help in a big way.

How is Autism treated?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is treated mainly through educational interventions and medical management. Many children who have been diagnosed with ASD are prescribed psychoactive drugs or anticonvulsants. However medication can have many adverse side effects. There is no medication which can relieve the main symptoms of the disorder. These include the symptoms of social and communication impairments.

Use of stem cell therapy found to be useful in treating Autism in recent times

Researchers have in recent times found that the use of stem cell therapy can be a useful method to treat the problem. This therapy is based on the ability of stem cells to influence metabolism, the immune system. They can also restore the damaged cells and tissues to a large extent. The treatment has positive impact on various organs of the body. This includes the main part, which is the brain.

Stem Cell therapy for AutismIn Autism areas of the brain which regulate memory, attention, concentration and speech get damaged. Stem cell treatment improves blood and along with oxygen to flow to the brain. It replaces the damages neurons and also helps in formation of new arteries. With the treatment the stem cells acquire the properties of the cells surrounding them. They multiply into these cells. This thereby helps to restoration of the grey matter. Consequently the symptoms of Autism subside gradually and improve in the intellectual capacity. It has also been proven that mesenchymal stem cells improve immune system. It also helps to terminate inflammation. Recently various clinical studies have been conducted for benefits of stem cell treatment for Autistic childrens Some of the benefits revealed are as follows:

  • It has shown to improve digestion and better tolerance of various types of foods.
  • Children treated with stem cell treatment have shown to have better eye contact. Often it was seen that children who were not fixing their gaze on objects, start looking at them with more interest.
  • They were seen to have better behavior at home and outside.
  • They had less of loud noises, strangers and bright colors.
  • The writing skills of the children treated seemed to improve.
  • They also were seen to have better attention span and concentration following the stem cell treatment.

The degree of improvement may have varied. But it was found to have a positive impact on all the children who had been treated. The main aim of Stem Cell therapy is to trigger brain development. Following this the child body would do its work.

The Stem cell therapy is indeed a revolutionary way of treating autistic patients. This has given hope to a lot children suffering from the problem. It might be an effective way of treating your child too in case he or she is suffering from Autism. To stay updated with the latest in developments regarding Autism, keep following the blog section on Shruti.


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