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Musical Training helps in the treatment of Autistic children

Do you have a child who is autistic? Then you must know that Musical Training from early age may help treat the problem. According to research experiencing music from early age helps in brain development and may be useful towards the treatment of Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Recently a study was conducted in this regard at the Radio-logical Society of North
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Scopes of Autism Treatment in Kolkata

Our conception about Autistic Disorder and Autism Treatment:- The term autism has always been subjected to many proclamations and messages that are merely based on assumptions. It is often said that autism is an irrecoverable and lifelong disorder. We all believe that it is a critical brain disorder that which is incurable. Well the question would be how relevant our negative assumptions are? The
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Challenges with Autism Treatment

The biggest challenge with autism treatment is that there are so many shades to it. Not all autistic individuals are the same. They may share some habit patterns or traits, but they are very much their own person. So, despite all the theories or assumptions or the body of research that has grown up around autism, there is much more to discover. That is
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Autistic Child and Early Communication Challenges

Autism may often manifest quite early in life and lead to different communication challenges. An autistic child may be exceptionally quiet and unable to vocalize what she wants. Or, unlike regular children who are actively exploring the world at hand, an autistic infant may be very withdrawn. Some of them may start speaking very late, or may not even make the journey from babbling to
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