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Mobile Apps that will help early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Research shows that early detection of Autism can go a long way in treating the problem effectively. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) appears in infancy and early childhood. The disorder causes delays in basic areas of development. These include learning to speak, playing and interacting with others. The signs and symptoms vary widely. This is why detecting the problem becomes difficult. Thus the disorder often
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Why Role of Parents Is Important for Their Autistic Special Children?

Every parent wants to see their child in happy and healthy condition and news of suspected autism may come to parents as bolt from the blue. Parents often get confused and go into depression on hearing that it’s a lifelong condition and may come across conflicting advice and views from friends, relatives and even experts in that filed leaving them confused about their autistic child. Many
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Technology Ideas To Enhance Learning Experience For Autistic Child

It is important for parents to understand the key deficiencies for their autistic child in order to clearly understand their learning requirement and needs. After this has been achieved, parents, family members and educators can concentrate on several techniques used to teach autistic children. Researcher Wagner (1998) found that two children suffering from autism may require different sets of teaching techniques. Key Learning Difficulties
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