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Musical Training helps in the treatment of Autistic children

Do you have a child who is autistic? Then you must know that Musical Training from early age may help treat the problem. According to research experiencing music from early age helps in brain development and may be useful towards the treatment of Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Recently a study was conducted in this regard at the Radio-logical Society of North
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Tips for searching the best School for Autism Care in Kolkata

Every parent will agree with us that searching and deciding a school for their child is a very big decision. We have seen that parents get highly confused and crazy with the idea of letting their child stay without them for so long. Well this confusion gets even multiplied if you are parent of a special child. An autistic child needs a lot more
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How School for Autistic Child Can Your Child

Autism not only effects the child suffering from it, but also creates a deep impact in the life of each and every family member. Autism actually changes the whole family environment. The whole family of an Autistic Child has to go through a lot of pain agony and suffering along with the kid. Imagine how the life could have been, if you could not express
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How Applied Behavioural Analysis can help your special child?

We truly understand how challenging it is to help your special child to develop their overall behaviour. Through this Applied Behavioural Analysis, we can support our autistic learners to make significant changes in various aspects of their life. These changes anyway do not occur very suddenly or quickly. A child has to follow the ongoing, intensive instruction which will build a step-by-step development progress.
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How to Understand Dyslexia To Help Your Child?

Dyslexia is also known as developmental reading disorder and is characterized by problems in spelling, writing and pronouncing words. People with dyslexia can be of average and above average intelligence. Some famous personalities with dyslexia are Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Pablo Picasso, Agatha Christie,etc. It is a lifelong problem and can manifest in different ways at different stages of life. As
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Top 10 Reading Tips For Dyslexic

There are certain things that a dyslexic student need to figure out o their own on how to handle time and improvise to keep up with their normal peers. It is obvious that they will be bombarded with advice from parents, teachers, special educators, their therapists, etc. However, application may vary based on case by case basis as life of no two dyslexic students
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