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What causes autistic disorder in twin siblings?

autistic disorder in twins children

It has been noticed that symptoms of autism among twins has been increasing day by day. So is it true that chances of autistic disorder is more common among twin? Who are more likely to develop autism among identical twins and fraternal twins. We tried to research on this topic and get some fact and figures on this topic. Well there has been many researches on this topic and still it is debatable phenomenon.

Autistic Disorder in Twins

We have always seen that autism has been linked with age of both the parents during conception, nutrition of the mother during pregnancy, her illness and also complications during delivery of the child. Well according to experts, genes & environmental factors collectively effects and determines a child for developing autism. Again the same question that arises, is why one of the two sibling usually has autism and the other is normal?

Lets try to answer this rigid and complicated topic with some simple explanations. Before that we have to know what  fraternal twins are? In simple words, they share partial or half DNA. It means they are basically developed through different ova and so they are usually different and distinct genetically. The difference in the formation of built-up of the both the children actually says why one of them is affected by autism.

Though twins experience similar environment during pregnancy and birth but there are other factors which may result to autistic disorder, Due to different positions and locations in the womb the blood flow and oxygen availability may differ for both the child. Infact the  birth weights for the children are also different do to this problem.

Usually it is seen that in identical twin if one of them develops autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it is most likely that both of the kids have chance to develop autism. The chances are as high as 76%. However the fraternal twins are less likely to develop autism. Incase of fraternal twins, if both of them are of same gender one has 34% chance to develop autism. However incase of one boy and one girl the chances decline to 18 % and among them also the girl has lesser chances of being autistic as compared to the boy.

However the concern is that the number of autistic disorders has been increasing day by day. Though we do not have much in our hand to prevent autism, but the minimum possible thing  that we can do, is taking care of the would be mother. We have to make sure that she is getting proper nutrition and health check up. We at Shruti, wish every child should be blessed with good health. If you need any information about autism care in Kolkata, feel free to contact us.


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